Monday, January 4, 2010

Beware Emusic, Blockbuster and Netflix

We just had to take drastic steps because Emusic, Blockbuster, and Netflix have been charging for services that were never authorized. We haven't signed up for ANY memberships so all charges are fraudulent.

Watch your credit card bills.

I always considered Netflix legitimate - not so any longer. When I called to question the FRAUDULENT charges I was assured the 'membership' must have been a keystroke error and all charges were credited AND 'membership' canceled. NOT SO!

Emusic is worse...many, many complaints on the internet about their business practices and the scams perpetrated on unsuspecting consumers. Attempts to contact this company appeared to be DELIBERATELY obstructive.

Blockbuster was AWESOME...the technician apologized for the outside entity that padded THEIR books with fraudulent memberships.

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