Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March is going out wet!

Raining again here - after a lovely taste of spring last week. At least the break in the weather afforded us the opportunity to get some yard work done. Still haven't taken the motorcycles out. (I choose to ONLY ride awesome weather when I'm at home.)

Shadow continues her basic obedience training. She likes the training and does well for a 6 month old. I wish she was just as enthusiastic about house training! Obviously she needs to train me better!

Last Saturday she helped us raise funds for Chapter 951 of the Vietnam Veterans of America...

I made this little smock type apron from a free online pattern...The embroidered rose and heart actually cover up some "oops". I managed to cut a slice where the rose is and the heart covers up a name....I had intended this for a friend and realized that it was too small. Yet another good reason to have the embroidery machine!

This little bag was a gift to Shadow's friend Hydro. Hydro is an 8 month-old golden retriever who is so good with her. He crouches down on the ground to play!

I broke down and purchased a smock apron pattern....one of those aprons that you slip on and it covers everything! The biggest challenge was making the bias binding and sewing it NEATLY on the apron. I made the medium size and it fits hubby....at least it won't be too small!

Looking forward to April....and better riding weather!

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