Friday, April 2, 2010

Treat Bag Tutorial

I wanted to create a doggie bag that is sturdy and wouldn't hang too low from the waist of the human. I also wanted to sew it as simply as in getting the pocket for the cord created BEFORE it is sewn into a tube! My treat bags are personalized with embroidery.
So here it is...feel free to use however you like, just don't try to sell my tutorial!
Drawstring Treat Bag
Choose your fabrics--less than 1/4 yard each (Piecing something together works well!)....I am using a 100% cotton fabric for the lining and a polyester/cotton for the exterior. You will also need cording (16"), webbing for a handle (approximately 8"), cord locks, coordinating thread and the usual sewing notions.
From each fabric cut one 5" circle and one 15.7" x 8.5" rectangle.
If you are going to use your embroidery machine, now is the time to get your design embroiderer on the rectangle of fabric so that it is centered on one half of the rectangle (because you are going to have a SIDE seam).
In the center of piece for the back, position a piece of webbing for the handle and sew to the top and bottom - using a 1/4" seam allowance.
On each rectangle top edge - fold down 1/2" and press. Fold down 1 1/4" and press.
Top stitch the lower edge and the upper edge of 1 1/4" 'pocket' - this will be your
cord pocket.
Sew the side seam to make a tube and pin 5" circle in bottom.
Now you have the lining finished and the exterior finished.
Place the lining in the exterior - wrong sides facing.
Pin the two together at the top edge. Top stitch the lower edge and upper edge of the 'pocket'.
Using a seam ripper remove the stitches in the exterior side seam between the top stitching.
Thread the cord through the side seam opening through the pocket and back through the side seam opening. Install the cord locks....and you are finished!

This is Zum's is made using outdoor fabric for the exterior. This has a major oops (drawing string should be elsewhere)....but I think it looks good and will last a long time.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I keep losing our treat bags_ or the sitter does-- and wanted to make a batch. What do you use to hold it on your belt? a plastic clip or a carabiner?

  2. Great treat bag tutorial!! I'm forever misplacing mine too and this is perfect for our needs: room for treats and a tennis ball too :D Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you for sharing this pattern. Is what I am looking for.