Sunday, June 13, 2010

So much to much done!

We have been very productive this week.

Larry has been getting both motorcycles ready for our ride east. In the middle of the 'simple' maintenance he has also (with the help of Fred) crafted a new, shorter antenna for his bike and performed his magic on the motor home.

I have now a new front tire, the oil is changed, the trailer has grease packed in the bearings and he installed Sirius radio on my trike! Awesome.

I have completed (?) the packing. Now all I have to do is gather all the motorcycle gear we will need for all weather possibilities.

I finished a windshield cover for Larry's Goldwing. I also finished an apron for our friend Pat and and apron for a little girl. I had been commissioned to make a child's apron before Easter. I made two so the lady could choose. One slight problem - they were in a container in the car before we went to Nebraska and now they have simply disappeared. After looking high and low I decided I'd just make a new one and leave the discovery of the others to a high power!

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